Uniqlo: Greet Each New Day with a Smile

Waking up, they say, is hard to do. Even those of us who call ourselves morning people can find the process to be quite a chore.

Apps aplenty exist to ease our suffering. Most are saturated with too many features, though, such as reading you the news from around the world. What if you just want a simpler, pleasant way to greet each new day?

Uniqlo can help. Uniqlo is a simple alarm app for Android and iOS that greets you each morning with a delightful voice that gives you the time, the weather, and nothing more.

"Hello. It's 7:00AM. The day is partly cloudy."

The voice (available in English and Mandarin) is soft and pleasant from "hello," rising to song by the time it gets to "partly cloudy."

Behind the music, a very pleasing tune plays. The music "is automatically created based on the weather, time, and day of the week, was co-written by 51st annual Grammy nominee Cornelius (Keigo Oyamada) and Yoko Kanno," an active songwriter in the video game and anime industries.

The interface is minimal, well-designed, with few options. The colors change with the day of the week.

Clicking on the earth icon presents an interesting option: to browse other Uniqlo alarms set around the world, resembling a mini voyage around the world. It's a quite useless but enjoyable feature.

I'll warn that, according to some recent reviews on the Android app store, the alarms themselves can be unreliable, though in two weeks of usage, I haven't found that to be the case. Uniqlo is a simple, pleasant way to wake up- nothing more, nothing less.


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