Use Evernote as a Weekly Reading Review {#Tips}

What we read has a ripple effect on the way we think. In fact, reading has the ability to increase our intelligence. That being the case, what we read determines, in large part, who we are.

Read-it-later services can be an invaluable tool in collecting the things that we read. Through a bit of ingenuity, we can even collect the things we read much as others collect stamps or baseball cards. Once we amass a collection, though, it's what we can do with that collection that has a real impact.

I've shown you how to truly personalise your search with Evernote. Collect your articles and use the power of IFTTT to create an archive of your most-prized pieces by sending the ones you favorite to Evernote. The article linked above uses Instapaper as an example, but using IFTTT, the same can be done with Readability or Pocket. If you don't already have this set up, head over to IFTTT and do so (if you're a Readability user, use this recipe. Otherwise, you can simply create your own.)

To use Evernote as a weekly review, leave the "Notebook" field blank when setting up the recipe. Doing so will send all of your favorited articles to the default "Notes" notebook. For our purposes, we'll use this notebook as a sort of catch-all inbox for Evernote. Every item placed in it will require action later.

Now, at the end of the week (you can choose the day yourself, but I've found that the weekend works best), go into your Notes notebook in Evernote to see all of the articles you've deemed worthy of your collection. Next, create a stack with sub-notebooks, divided into the general areas of interest that your reading material tends to be comprised of. In mine, you'll see things like philosophy, design, words, etc.

Now, you can simply drag-and-drop your articles to their respective categories. As you drag each article, you can take a moment to review it. Remember, these are articles that you've specifically designated as exceptional pieces, and will therefore have a somewhat profound effect on you. Revisit each piece to determine whether you truly believe the article belongs in your personal archive. For those that seem exceptionally impactful, reread it to maximize the benefits. Once you're satisfied with its worthiness and its impact, drag it into its notebook and you'll have a highly personalised collection of works on each topic that you're interested in.

You can also use this process to revisit topics a year or two down the road to see how far a particular industry or area of interest has progressed. Happy reading!

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