VintageJS Simply, Subtly Retrofies Your Images

Retro images, as they say, are all the rage, thanks in large part to the rise of Instagram. There's no shortage of apps for your phone that can bring a bit of vintage goodness to your images, but what if you want a simple way to bring a little retro to the images on your desktop?

VintageJS will fill that need. It's a simple app from developer Robert Fleischmann that lets you upload a photo and subtly manipulate it. Options are simple: darken the edges, lighten the center, blur the edges, desaturate, add a screenlayer, or adjust the curves. You can also add a "through the viewfinder" overlay.

The results are indeed simple but striking:

The only problem I've found — and it could be a dealbreaker for some — is the size of the image VintageJS returns. The original image above, for example, started as 3290x2474 image. The retrofied image was only 826x626. If there's a workaround for this, I couldn't find it.

Fleischmann has open-sourced the entire project on GitHub, which is a nice touch. He's also added a recent images page where users can view the photos most recently uploaded to app (keep that in mind when using Vintage; it's not made clear at the start that your image will be publicly available, even if only for a short time).

Vintage will not make a horrible photo a great one, but it can add some oomph to a lackluster image. It's simple, easy-to-use, and does what it says on the tin.


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