Instapaper Daily Showcases Instapaper's Most-Saved Stories

Regular readers of the site know that I'm excited to see what Betaworks does with Instapaper. Fortunately, the company wasted no time in putting their own touches on the site after buying it from Marco Arment- shortly after doing so, they gave the Instapaper a completely revamped look and feel, and released all-new mobile apps for Android and iOS.

And the changes keep coming with the announcement of The Instapaper Daily, a simple web app dedicated to showcasing the most popular Instapaper article of the day. It distinctly reminds me of a similar feature from Readability, but with more space to breathe. On each page, you'll see only a single story- the most-saved article for a given day. You can jump between chronological days with the arrow buttons, or jump to a previous month with a drop-down menu. You can also filter stories by category (culture/politics, sports, computer/internet, etc.). Betaworks is quick to point out that this is an experiment, which is generally code for "we may scrap this next month, or we may not," but it's exciting to see Instapaper's new owners guide the app through a maturation process.

PS- the site looks great in a mobile browser.

Instapaper Daily | via The Instapaper Blog