WithLinks is One of the Simplest, Most Beautiful Email Newsletters on the Web

When I first sat down at my computer this morning, I, as many do, opened my email.

For many, the act of opening their email in the morning brings with it apprehension. For me, it's a pleasure. That's largely due to the many mechanisms I've implemented over the years to tame the email beast. I use a lot of filters, and OtherInbox and Unroll.me help ensure that only the messages I want to see get maximum visibility, while the rest, the extraneous, fade into the background until I go looking for them.

I reserve my attention (as far as my inbox goes) for things that provide exceptional value: the New York Times newsletter catches me up with the day's news, and Caesura Letters gives my brain a swift kick in the arse.

I subscribe to very, very few newsletters- or, rather, I subscribe to a lot, and quickly unsubscribe from most. Some weather the storm, though, and hold my attention.

One such newsletter is WithLinks, a simple newsletter from With Associates, a digital consultancy based in London.

The newsletter is a simple collection of links: five, to be exact. Some are design-related, some are simply internet-related, but each one has handcrafted feel. They even throw in a jam of the week at the top of the newsletter, ranging from podcast snippets to Geto Boys songs.

Somehow, this simple email conveys the fact that the people behind it love the web.

It's a small, hidden gem in a usually hasty, noisy web.

Head over to the With Associates page to sign up.