@ZenGeekPodcast is a Breath of Fresh Air

I started the Sssimpli project out of love for both simplicity and the web. My pleasure scale tends to skyrocket where these two concepts intersect. In fact, I tend to live in that intersection, so I wanted to find things in the digital sphere that strike a delicate balance between the two- hence the inception of the site you’re now reading. Never have I found anything that so encapsulates that philosophy as well as the ZenGeek podcast.

ZenGeek introduced itself a few weeks ago, in its inaugural show, as an interplay between computing and mindfulness. Consisting of Andrew Marvin and Jeffrey Inscho, the show explores the increasing effect of the digital realm on our everyday lives, offering real insight into how to absorb technology into our reality, rather than becoming absorbed by the omnipresence of gadgets.

The chemistry between the two is undeniable, and their approaches to life are similar enough to allow their thoughts to run along an analogous thread, while being different enough to allow for a diversity of opinion on the subjects covered.

For example, the second show covers the topic of minimalism (which- shameless plug- I offered my thoughts on a couple of months ago in On Minimalism). While Andrew considers himself a minimalist, albeit of a personal definition, Jeffrey does not, preferring to opt for the mindful label, no doubt due to his being a practicing Buddhist. The discussion offered each hosts’ views on minimalism in the digital, physical, and metaphysical context. Digression: a particular turn of phrase struck me as simply brilliant: ‘Mind over Desk’.

Jeffrey's Buddhist background and Andrew's black belt in karate give each a unique qualification to view the world through a metaphysical lens. So far, the only fault I can find is that Jeffrey is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, while Andrew is no sports fan at all. I am willing to forgive both.

I have high hopes for this show, and it will doubtless be a weekly companion on my morning walk. If you’ve any penchant for simplicity and a desire to find its role in our digital world, I can’t recommend the ZenGeek podcast highly enough. Go check it out.

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