Aeon Launches a Film Site for Outstanding, Short Documentaries

I've shown you the best way to spend 20 minutes online, but the guys (and gals) at Aeon Magazine want to challenge for that title.

Aeon, which is known for its carefully crafted and insightful writing, has brought the same commitment to quality to a new film venture: Aeon Film, a collection of superb short documentaries. The films vary in subject matter, but a common thread runs through them: "exploring the intersections between nature, culture and ideas."

Aeon's collection includes films available elsewhere, like Salim Baba, an Oscar-nominated short, and Aeon exclusives like The Love Competition, in which "seven contestants have five minutes in Stanford's fMRI brain scanner to love someone 'as hard as they can.' " Try not to be intrigued by that storyline.

There are currently six short films available on the site, ranging from just four to fifteen minutes long. Aeon promises to release three new documentaries each week, all of which will be available for free directly on the site. All videos appear to be hosted on Vimeo, which means that video delivery should be smooth and available in HD. If you want to follow along, Aeon makes it easy with an RSS feed and a newsletter devoted to its new film enterprise.

Aeon Film | @aeonmag